UnA is a community driven project that serves to introduce a new scalable and blockchain-based digital currency that is created specifically for Africa.


UnA will be used as a powerful tool to create better lives for people all over Africa, and to unite all African countries and all of its people.

Banking infrastructure is currently lacking in many African countries, and people have to rely on community safety deposit boxes for securely storing their cash. This however is not the most efficient and safest way to store money. This not only poses security risks, but also removes any opportunity to earn interest on these savings, leading to high opportunity costs.

The increase in utility of UnA, should provide the stability and trust that the people deserve, while also allowing them to benefit from the potential increase in value over time.


UnA’s vision is to unite all people in Africa through one single digital currency, allowing them securely store, exchange, transact, and to take charge of their finances.

Africa is geographically such a rich continent, but financially so poor. The majority of African people live in poverty and we believe that the main reason for this is due to DIVISION.

“Divide and Rule” - was the motto of the Roman Empire Senate. Our motto is “Unite and Enjoy”.

Africa has huge growth potential and can become one of the wealthiest continents on earth, but this can only happen if all of the country’s people stand TOGETHER.


We are a collective of individuals around the globe and Africa united by one common goal, and that is to unite Africa through a digital currency that can serve as a store of value, but also as a method of exchange. UnA has no central authority.

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